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    Exterior window cleaning by Windowcleans, your pro service for all windows of residential homes, condos or apartments, and townhouses made easy.

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    Choose from different options: every 3 months, every 6 months, or one-time window washing.

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    Residential Window Cleaning by WindowCleans

    Window Cleaning by WindowCleans

    WindowCleans will clean all exterior windows, the outside windows, of residential homes, condos, townhouses, that are accessible to the cleaner. Most windows, for example, will have removable window screens, that can be removed from the outside. However, any screens that need removal from the inside will become a window that is not accessible by the cleaner. Windows that are obstructed in general, are windows that are not accessible to cleaners. Making windows accessible is the responsibility of the customer.

    Choose from "Every 3 Months", "Every 6 Months" or "Clean my windows once". And try the Instant Quote button to learn pricing for each of the options for your home.

    Because we clean exterior windows, there are NO APPOINTMENTS needed.

    Text or Call for info or quote:  (863) 207-2434.

    Cost To Clean My Windows?

    WindowCleans stores hundreds of thousands of address on the website, that already have a price quote attached to it. A simple query by the website visitor will therefore return an instant quote. Try it out and see what we quoted your property! Then, choose from 3 options: add your home to a route every 3 months automatically (Best Deal), add it to a route every 6 months to be cleaned automatically, or have all your windows cleaned only once. 

    Pay after the job is done and when your windows are clean. No Credit Card needed to sign up.

    All jobs are entered in the route of the cleaner. Therefore, no appointments are needed.

    Window Screen Repair Cleaning

    Window Cleaning of Shops and Small Businesses

    The frequency of cleaning windows for shops and small business varies from weekly service to quarterly window cleaning service.

    Strip Mall Shops

    Generally speaking, we recommend strip mall shops, due to high traffic passing fairly close to the shops, to perform BI-WEEKLY service. WindowCleans makes a quote specific to your location and size. As a rule of thumb on pricing, for example, a UPS store with a storefront of 5 panels wide, with a top and a bottom window on the vertical, your quote will likely be $20 every two weeks to have your windows professionally cleaned on the outside. Use the Quote Inquiry form here to reach out.

    Small Businesses

    Window cleaning of small businesses is often overlooked. To any small business owner, we encourage you to take a quick look at your windows right now. You probably are already looking for the Quote Inquiry link. It is too difficult to put any pricing on your business without 'seeing' it. And the same for the frequency. Most commonly restaurants will clean their windows every 2 weeks to once a month, depending on location and traffic. Fill in the Inquiry form here. We try to answer within 24 business hours, with no strings attached to the quote.


    Do you provide free quotes?
    Yes, and WindowCleans already has 240,000+ addresses with quotes stored on the website. A simple entry of your address will return quotes and options. Businesses, stores and restaurants are given a quote within 24h when address is provided online.
    • 3

      3 Months

      Your home is added to a route to clean all exterior windows once every 3 months.

    • 6

      6 Months

      Your home is added to a route to wash all your outside windows twice a year.

    • One Time
      Window Cleaning

      Your home exterior windows will be cleaned once, upon your request. 

    Some of Our Customers

    UPS Store WindowCleans Customer
    Acai Express Creamery in Davenport WindowCleans Customer
    Acai Express Creamery Davenport FL
    UPS Store WindowCleans Customer
    UPS Stores
    4 Towers Martial Arts Window Washing
    4 Towers Martial Arts Davenport FL
    Mia Pizza in Davenport FL
    Mia Pizza Davenport FL


    If you really want your window or mirror streak free, use filtered water, like the pros. You can install an RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter for less than $500 and add a DI (De-Ionized) filter in addition, for truly streak-free car, windows and mirrors. Expect professional window cleaning by WindowCleans done with RO and DI water.

    Here is a wiki article about RO Water

    About The Water We Use

    Window cleaning pro's secret ingredient is not the soap or their incredible skill... it is their water. Shhh... it is a secret! Just like a car wash, when you leave the car wash they will blow most of the water off, but some still remain on your mirrors, etc. It never streaks. It is the water. They filter their water, removing all/most of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), such as calcium, iron, and a ton more. Some bullet points on water:

    RO - Reverse Osmosis - is water filtered through cartridges and a membrane to drastically reduce solids in water

    DI - De-Ionized - filter is a filter that reduces the TDS, Total Dissolved Solids, to a zero or negligeable level.

    Fun-Fact: Ever wondered how car washes never leave streaks on your car? DI filtering does exactly that.

    All water we use is 'special' water, and we bring all water with us. We do not use any water from your property.

    Washing windows in the sun? No problem. As long as you don't let the soap dry on the windows, the water we use will make your windows streak free, even in the sun.

    Do we use any other products besides water? Yes, we use soap in a small amount in the water. We even may use chemicals, such as commercial-grade vinegar, if needed, to prevent wasps to return to your window frame, for example. We may use chemicals on your window screens, depending on the issues with your screen. No chemicals are used to clean your windows, however.

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