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Single Story Groundfloor

Quotes for window cleaning single story homes and/or groundfloor condos and apartments. Click here to retrieve your instant quote on our website.

Two Story Home

Two-story homes window washing pricing to clean both floors. Your home already has a quote stored on our website. Click here.

Townhouse (2 stories)

Pricing for window cleaning of 2 story Townhouses. Your townhome quote is already stored on our website. Click here to view your price.

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Window Cleaining Pricing Includes

What's Included

Cleaning of all accessible exterior windows. Cleaning window screens upon request.

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Based on your county records, we calculate pricing for your address. As a result, some counties have fairly accurate info, but other counties do not seem to care, at all, about what or how they store data. Consequently, if your quote does not match our window cleaning price sheet here above, shoot us a line and we will verify your quote.

Why WindowCleans is Unique

It is not a salesperson who establishes WindowCleans pricing for cleaning windows. It works from a simple and straightforward math model by using size and type of the property and the number of floors. As a result, this model basically estimates the time a cleaner will spend at the property. We pay our cleaners by their time spent, and so we charge our customers for the time spent. In other words: no salespeople.

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Small Business Window Cleaning Pricing

Window cleaning of small businesses largely varies in size, scope, and frequency. Every business is different, and pricing will be set according to the specific business needs. Stripmall stores, for example, start at $20 every 2 weeks. On the other hand, stand-alone restaurants or buildings may require service every week, or every 2 months.

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Small Business Window Cleaning