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There are no contracts offered. The customer who chooses the "Every 3 Months" option, commits to having their windows cleaned every 3 months or 4 times a year. After the initial first year, WindowCleans will continue to clean windows on a 3-month schedule, until the customer declines the visit in advance. Customers who chose the "Every 6 Months" option, commit to having all accessible windows cleaned twice a year in the first year, and every 6 months thereafter until the customer declines the next visit in advance.

WindowCleans does not usually make appointments for service. Customers are part of a route for cleaners to follow. If an owner has a special request, WindowCleans will try and work with the customer to set up routing to get as close to the request as possible. Work days for cleaners are Monday through Friday 8 am to 6 pm. 

WindowCleans does not have Sales People in their line of staff. All quotes for residential properties should be available as an Instant Quote already stored on the website or can be requested through the Inquiry Form (here) for any possible missing addresses, and for businesses. 

WindowCleans will send an invoice to the customer AFTER the service was performed. The invoice has an easy Pay Button for payment. Invoices are due upon receipt. WindowCleans does not store any credit card information, and Windowcleans cannot charge a credit card. All payments are handled through the secure payment gateway from QuickBooks software

WindowCleans cleaners will clean all exterior windows, as long as they are accessible. Non-accessible windows are windows the cleaner does not have access to during the service visit. Examples of non-accessible windows are windows that are obstructed (plants, obstacle...); windows with a window screen that cannot be removed from the outside are non-accessible; skylights are not considered windows and will not be cleaned by WindowCleans.

Window screens are not included in the regular service. Cleaning screens can be requested by the customer, as a one-time service, for a fee. In addition, with every service by a cleaner, the customer will get a summary report of the service. On the report, the cleaner may add an advisory that window screens are in need of cleaning. It will be optional and upon request of the customer whether or not to include window screen cleaning on the next visit. In addition to cleaning, broken screens or frames, or any other recommendations and findings can also be found on the service report sent to the customer. Customers can decide to replace their own window screen as a DYI or WindowCleans can make and deliver a new one for you. Quote will be provided upon request.

WindowCleans does NOT clean windows inside a property. Our cleaners are not allowed to enter any property during their time on the clock for WindowCleans. 

We do know of some cleaners, who have their own servicing on the side, completely unrelated to WindowCleans employment, during weekends, and who service interior windows in their own time. If you like to be connected with a cleaner directly, please use the contact form. We will pass your information along. 

Databases are never perfect, and it does happen that an address was missed in inventory. Simply use the Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page and WindowCleans will add the address and/or will notify you per email or text of the quote. 

Also, WindowCleans has left out Condo and Apartment addresses from their inventory. Yes, we do condos and apartments, but only up to a certain floor level. Again a shortcoming in the available databases, it will require an inquiry for a specific address (with floor number) from the customer and WindowCleans will return a quote to the customer for that specific address.

Usually, all quotes, both for businesses and for missing addresses, are responded to within 24 hours or 1 business day.

There are too many variables to set up a standardized quote system for businesses. Some may require a monthly service, or even weekly or bi-weekly service. Some are small, others are large. We will require an Inquiry Form for a quote, and WindowCleans will respond promptly with suggestions and a quote.

Window Cleaning Options 3 Options
To Choose From

  • 3

    3 Months

    Your home is added to a route to clean all exterior windows once every 3 months.

  • 6

    6 Months

    Your home is added to a route to wash all your outside windows twice a year.

  • One Time
    Window Cleaning

    Your home exterior windows will be cleaned once, upon your request. 


By far the cheapest option I have found to have my windows cleaned. I took the 3-month service and don't have to worry about a thing. My cleaner Nate is awesome. 

Amanda H.


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