How To Remove White Chalky Stuff From My Windows

Have you noticed a white chalky stuff running down your window frames? If it’s been a year or more since your last cleaning, this likely is oxidation, a common issue with aluminum frames. At WindowCleans, we understand the importance of maintaining clean, well-cared-for windows. We’re here to help you manage oxidation and keep your windows…

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The Impact of Clean Windows on Home Appraisal Values

Your home is a sanctuary, a place where we make memories and where our lives unfold. As homeowners, we often invest time and resources into improving our living spaces. While we focus on interior design and landscaping, one element that might be overlooked but holds significant value is the cleanliness and maintenance of our windows.…

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Hard Water Stain Removal

Hard water stains removal from window

Hard water stains on windows and shower doors can be a real eyesore, diminishing the overall aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. These stubborn mineral deposits, often caused by the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium in water, can be challenging to remove. However, fear not! With the right techniques and a bit of…

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The Art of Window Cleaning: Why Manual Washing Reigns Supreme

Art of manual window cleaning

Water-Fed vs. Manual Window Cleaning In the world of window cleaning, the battle between traditional manual washing and modern water-fed pole systems continues to evolve. While water-fed poles have gained popularity for their efficiency, there are compelling reasons why manual window cleaning remains an indispensable and often superior choice for achieving pristine windows. Window cleaning…

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Eco-friendly Cleaning Products For Window Cleaning

Eco-friendly products for window cleaning have gained popularity in recent years as individuals and businesses increasingly seek environmentally conscious alternatives. These products typically prioritize sustainable sourcing, biodegradability, and reduced environmental impact. However, like any product category, they come with their own set of pros and cons. The PROs Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products One of the…

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The Benefits of Regular Window Maintenance for Home Value

Windows are often overlooked when it comes to regular home maintenance, Yet they play a crucial role in our daily lives. Beyond merely providing a view to the outside world, windows contribute to energy efficiency, aesthetics, and overall comfort within our homes. Neglecting window maintenance can lead to a myriad of issues, ranging from energy…

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