Legacy Park: Four Corners Window Cleaning

Located in Davenport, Florida, the community of Legacy Parc is at the heart of an area called Four Corners. WindowCleans will provide a short description of the community and its properties. From there, for each of the different types of properties, we provide a standard pricing. 

Legacy Park is a charming residential community located in Davenport, Florida. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient location, Legacy Park offers a mix of single-family homes and vacation rentals. This community boasts well-maintained streets and landscaping, making it an appealing destination for those looking to settle down or enjoy a relaxing vacation.

WindowCleans services all of Four Corners window cleaning, and thus all units in all 7 subdivisions of Legacy Park are eligible for service.


Legacy Park Window Cleaning

The Commons

The Commons, with roughly 130 private homes are all single-floor plan properties. Therefore, check the SINGLE-STORY CHART below.

Davenport The Retreat in Four Corners

The Retreat

At the very end of Legacy Park Boulevard lies The Retreat, with more than 160 homes. Here, again, we find both the single and the two-story homes throughout the community.

The Towns Legacy Park by WindowCleans

The Towns

The Towns, a subdivision with townhouses in the front of Legacy Park, near US-27, has its very own chart. All units here are priced the same, with options to clean every 3 months, every 6 months, or just a one-time clean required.

Four Corners Legacy Park Center

The Center

The Center, with roughly 160 homes, is a mix of larger two-story homes and single-floor homes. Consequently, you will have to verify which chart applies to your property.

Window Cleaning at Highgate Park in Four Corners Davenport FL

HighGate Park

The gated Highgate Park, with almost 250 properties, and a mix of vacation rentals and residencies, also has the 2 charts to check, depending on your property.

The Estates Legacy Park Davenport

The Estates

The Estates, with a good 100 homes, also features both single-story and two-story units. Here, as well, you will need to check the chart that applies to your property.

Window Cleaning in Davenport The Groves Legacy Park

The Groves

The Groves, with over 160 homes, consists of mostly single-story homes but has a few two-story units as well. And so you need to verify the chart that applies to your home here below.


If unsure of the size of your property, type your address in Google and pick a real estate website, such as Zillow or Realtor for example. These sites will provide you with the square footage of your home.


Pricing image for window cleaning a 1 story home in Four Corners Florida


Four Corners Window Cleaning Pricing 2 story
Townhouse rates Four Corners Florida
  • Optional: Window Screen Wash $2 per screen.
  • Optional: Window Cleaning Interior: $85 for 1-story or $120 for 2-story

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